Navigating the App's Data

The xycLoans webapp offers quick access to protocol-related activity, and provides diverse data in order to aid lenders in making informed investment decisions and and managing their positions effectively. Proficiency in interpreting charts and numerical data within the app is crucial for lenders.

Below we go through some of the data the webapp makes available.

Protocol Activity Explorer

The explorer tab displays (and is to be improved for filtering and search) all activity from all xycLoans pools across the network.


XycLoans' indexing (through Mercury's ZephyrVM) tracks the evolution of supply at every change, allowing the app to display accurate supply data.

Supply of the whole pool (under "Pool Data" in the pool page):

Supply of the pool by user (under "Your Data" in the pool page):

Yield and Weighted Yield

xycLoans' indexing also tracks the pool yield for every new borrow, and user-specific pool yield for every rewards collection. It is therefore possible to track the overall and user-specific pool yield accumulation, by means of the "Pool yield" interactive graph (see below).

Additionally, we track the total (%) yield weighted for the supply: every time a new yield is generated (at the time of the borrow for the pool yield, and at the time of the collection for the user-specific pool yield), it is weighted by the total supply at that specific moment and added as a percentage to the statistic. This is done both for the overall pool yield (therefore weighted for the overall pool balance) and for the user's yield for each specific pool (weighted for the overall user's balance in the pool).

This allows us to easily retrieve the total pool yield in % of the supply, already weighted for every supply step, without any work client-side. The weighted yield statistic is extremely useful as it provides a truthful measure of how the pool is able to generate yield on its funds.

You can find the metrics about the total and weighted yield (%) for the pool in the "pool info" section of the pool page, or in the "pools" page. For the user, these data are available in the "personal dashboard" page of the pool (more on that later), or from the home page.

In addition to the pool supply and pool yield chart, you have the "normalized supply-yield chart": it shows the yield and the supply normalized (as values between 0 and 1) and next to each other. The chart is useful for users to understand in which proportion the yield of the pool increased with its changes in supply.

Below you have the "pool yield" and the "normalized supply-yield" charts for the overall pool:

And for the specific user:

Your Total Yield Data and User's Pool Dashboard

In the "Personal Dashboard" section (in each pool's page), you'll find all the aggregated data about your position in the pool: you have your supply to the pool - or balance - and total yield + yield (%) weighted by total supply available.

Under the voice "matured" (visible also from your home page) are displayed the fee-rewards - or yield - that you have matured but not withdrawn yet. Remember that in order to mature your rewards, you have to update them before from the "update rewards" button. It is again possible to perform this operation from the home page.

Moreover, under the field "collected" you'll find the total rewards that you have matured and collected (i.e. transferred to your wallet). You can collect your rewards from the "withdraw rewards" button.

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